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Health Ministry

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of Health, Social Security & International Business

To promote and provide health services, that are appropriate, accessible, equitable and sustainable, by utilizing suitably qualified and motivated staff committed to excellence and professionalism.

To encourage the improvement, protection, maintenance and preservation, of our fragile ecosystems on a sustainable basis.

An enhanced quality of life, improved health status of individuals, families and communities and maintenance of a state of optimum wellness.

Ms. Pauline Peters

Dr. George Mitchell

The Ministry of Health is the sole public institution responsible for the provision of health services in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. It is accountable for Policy Formulation, Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of its services provided to the Grenadian citizens.

Ministry of Health & Social Security
Ministerial Complex
Southern Wing 1st & 2nd Floor
Botanical Gardens
Tanteen, St. George's
Tel: (473) 440-2649 / 2846 / 3485/ 4747 / 4955
Fax: (473) 440-4127


of Health, Social Security & International Business

Social Security Division

The National Insurance Scheme (NIS) of Grenada, Carriacou and Pettit Martinique was established on the 4th of April 1983 by the People’s Law 14|1983. NIS is a social security system and is present in almost every country in the world. It is called by various names including, Social Security, Social Insurance, Social Security System and National Insurance. It is the protection provided for its members against loss of income caused by the stoppage or substantial reduction of earnings resulting from occurrences such as sickness, invalidity, childbirth, retirement or death. The National Insurance law provides for the collection of contributions and payment of benefits to its contributors and their dependents. The benefits paid are Sickness, Maternity, Funeral, Age, Invalidity, Survivors and Employment Injury.

It is compulsory for all employed and self-employed persons in Grenada to register and contribute to the NIS. Persons who are temporarily unemployed, or retires before the stipulated pension age of 60 can contribute voluntarily. The contribution rate is 9%, shared, 4%-employee and 5%-employer. The self-employed contributes 9% and voluntary contributors, 6.75%. There is an insurable earnings limit of on which contributions are payable of $5,000 per month or $1,160 per week.

The National Insurance Law provides for the periodic review of the performance of the National Insurance Fund through actuarial reviews every 3 years. These reviews often result in recommended changes being made by the Actuaries to enhance the sustainability of the National Insurance Fund.


The General Hospital located at Grand E’tang Road in St. George’s is the headquarters overseeing the operations of Princess Alice Hospital in St. Andrew’s and Princess Royal Hospital in Carriacou as well as the Mt. Gay Psychiatric Hospital -100 beds and Richmond Home-100 beds. Hospitals provides support to all of the health centers and medical stations in the country and offers a wide ranges of services, including, ambulance, laboratory, maternal, radiology, genecology, eye care and testing, dental and theater, to name a few.

The General Hospital has some of (198) beds and offers a wide variety of in-patient and out-patient medical services. If you are considering visiting any of our hospitals there are a few things to consider, such as the adherence of a visitors dress code, complete security checks & screening, a standard visiting policy, a nonsmoking policy and a zero tolerance use of cellular phones on the wards.

At the General Hospital there is a private ward of air conditioned rooms. These rooms are furnished with bathrooms, cable-television sets and telephone and the best part is they are more than reasonably priced. If you visit any of our hospitals, Health centers or medical stations throughout the island you will be sure to find a caring and dedicated team of highly trained healthcare providers, committed in ensuring your recover from illness.

Out Patient Clinic Schedule:

Clients must have a referral from their private doctor or District Medical Officer [DMO]. Appointments are made at the Records dept., phone: 440-2051 Ext 234.


A Primary Health Care approach Using/Utilizing Health Promotion strategies. The Ministry of Health is divided into programmed functional areas;

The top level where policies formulated and implemented and financial matters, personnel, and the general steering of the entire Ministry is coordinated. There you will find the following, (General Administration) Clerical/Support services, Personnel, Registry, Procurement unit, Finance, Transportation, Communications/Public Relations, Health Promotion, Environmental Health, Environmental Protection, Planning (Projects/Programs), Epidemiology/Health Information, Medical/Nursing Administration, Registry (Births/Deaths/Marriages).

This area is considered very important given the Government and Ministry’s continued mission to ensure a quality primary health care service. 

With that in mind we encourage persons to utilize the services provided at the community level.  It takes the very friendly name “Community Health”.  (C.H.S) is fundamentally important since it takes into account medical, which include, dental, pharmacy community nursing, mental health, doctors’ clinic, environmental health/public health and health promotion.

Within the (C.H.S) you will find a network Six (6) district health centers and thirty (30) medical stations, spread throughout the country within a three (3) mile radial proximity.

Environment Health Department of (E.H.D) is responsible for monitoring & ensuring the best Environmental Health practices are adhered to at all times.  The (E.H.D) also has a Vector Control Unit, which periodically monitors, investigates and terminates various forms of vectors, that threatens human wellbeing.  

The entire department consists of  13 (EHO’s) and about 45 vector control officers, with offices in every parish, including Carriacou and Petite Martinique, that supervise the various districts and monitor the island’s Sea and Air ports.  
Of paramount importance is the health and safety of the public which remains the department’s number one priority. 
Most of the Environmental Health officers

(EHO’s) from time to time undergo many different training in areas of food safety, food borne diseases investigation, mass surveillance, etc. 

Public Health Safety Services include but not limited to the following: food safety investigation, water quality, waste management, monitor and monitor, control and evaluate the spread of infectious diseases and investigate as well as controlled the spread of hazardous materials.

Officers within the (E.H.D) can be reached by calling the Ministry of Health.

The mission of this department is to promote the practice of good health habits and disseminate information designed at educating people.  Currently the department is staffed with six officers.

Events & Holidays

International Business Division

The Department of International Business was established within the Ministry of Health and Social Security in December of 2016. The Department is tasked with two main functions which are:
Co-ordinate all International Expos to ensure Grenada’s successful participation while taking full advantage of the grant funding and technical assistance opportunities available. International Expos provide countries, manufacturers and other stakeholders an opportunity to promote its investment opportunities as well as display its goods and services in the manufacturing and tourism sector. Moreover, they play a pivotal role in helping Government and businesses meet with other players in the industry which fosters the process of collaborating, negotiating and learning of the technical assistance and financial assistance available from countries and organization.
Coordinate the activities under the Ease of Doing Business reform initiative. The Department will lead and coordinate the dialogue between the public and the private sector and reforms aimed at improving the business environment.  There are 10 World Bank Doing Business Indicators which must be addressed separately to ensure Grenada’s ranking is improved.
The 10 indicators are as follows:

•    Starting a Business
•    Getting Electricity
•    Dealing with construction permit
•    Registering Property
•    Getting Credit
•    Protecting Minority Investment
•    Paying taxes
•    Trading Across Borders
•    Resolving insolvency
•    Enforcing Contracts

The Department is constantly working with stakeholders in the public and private sector to ensure business climate reforms and ultimately the creation of an enabling business environment in Grenada.

Our Promise

In light of the forgoing we wish to clearly state that we are cognizant of the fact that the greatest resource of any country is its people and a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Therefore we are committed to providing a wide range of services that are equitable. We therefore promise at all times we will do what is humanly and legally possible to save lives and “Put Health First.”


of Health, Social Security & International Business

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of Health, Social Security & International Business

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