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Cabinet Secretariat

Mission And Vision

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To efficiently co-ordinate all necessary activities to facilitate the Cabinet of Government Ministers in the execution of its responsibilities by arranging adequately for its deliberations and the efficient and timely transmission of decisions to the appropriate authorities;  to ensure that efficient services are provided to the public; and to continue to assist the various Ministries/Departments in Cabinet related matters.

To be the centre of policy formulation, giving clear directions and guidance on the policy formulation process.

The Government of Grenada adopted the model of a Cabinet Office as part of its executive government from as far back as the days of Associated Statehood in March 3, 1967 until Independence was granted on February 7, 1974.  Although the functions evolved over the years, there are three core areas of responsibility:

  • formulating the agenda of Cabinet meetings;
  • recording decisions made on the Submission and Mentions; and
  • communicating the decisions to the appropriate Head of Department in the form of Cabinet Conclusions.

Secretary to the Cabinet - Ms. Nadica Mc Intyre

Cabinet Office
Office of the Prime Minister
Ministerial Complex
Botanical Gardens
St. George
Tel: (473) 440-2661
Fax: (473) 440-4116/435-7290

The role of the Secretary to the Cabinet serves is established in Section 68 of The Constitution of Grenada (1973) which states:

  1. There shall be a Secretary to the Cabinet whose office shall be a public office.
  2. The Secretary to the Cabinet, who shall have charge of the Cabinet Office, shall be responsible, in accordance with such instructions as may be given to him by the Prime Minister, for arranging the business for, and keeping the minutes of, the Cabinet and for conveying the decisions of the Cabinet to the appropriate person or authority and shall have such other functions as the Prime Minister may direct.

The respective duties are:

  • Managing Cabinet Agenda and developing Cabinet’s forward agenda;
  • Initiating meetings leading up to the formulation of policy on strategic matters;
  • Providing an independent perspective on departmental proposals as the principal adviser to the Prime Minister;
  • Controlling the quality and content of information reaching Cabinet and Cabinet Committees by reviewing all materials in advance;
  • Briefing the Prime Minister on his/her role as Chairman of Cabinet;
  • Briefing Chairpersons of Cabinet Committees on the role of the Committee with respect to tasks delegated by Cabinet;
  • Recording and disseminating Cabinet Decisions.

The Secretary to the Cabinet serves also as the Head of the Public Service with the following roles:

  • Chairing the meetings of the Senior Managers’ Board comprising of Permanent Secretaries and Head of Non-ministerial Departments;
  • Interfacing with the Public Service Commission on senior appointments within the Public Service;
  • Setting the strategic agenda and standards for the effective performance and management of the Public Service;
  • Coordinating performance evaluation of Senior Managers in the Public Service;
  • Leading and directing on administrative reforms;
  • Reporting on the performance of the Public Service to the Prime Minister;
  • Providing professional guidance to leaders and managers of the Public Service.

  • The Cabinet Secretariat; provides logistical support to Cabinet and Cabinet Committees to ensure that the Government’s business is conducted in a timely and efficient manner:
  • Providing administrative support to the Cabinet
  • Ensuring timely dispatch of Cabinet Submissions and Mentions to Ministers of Government
  • Ensuring timely dispatch of Cabinet Conclusions to Ministries and Departments.
  • Maintaining the records of Cabinet documents.
  • Facilitating other administrative functions such as signage of Government of Grenada contracts and issuing of Marriage and Aliens Land Holding Licences.

The Policy Unit: recommendations were made under the Public Service Management Improvement Project (PSMIP) to establish a Policy Unit with functions such as policy review and coordination, monitoring and evaluation of policy implementation. A Policy Development Officer was hired from April 2003 to carry out some of the aforementioned functions.  The establishment of this Unit will be finalised in the near future.




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